Be my guest, John Arbitrage

Asking for guest writers for the Grain Marketing Stack (GMS).

Farmers, merchandisers, originators, lenders and accountants can submit. The aim is to transform this newsletter into a valuable exchange for grain marketing and merchandising concepts. An exchange for those who can improve the grain marketing discussion by sharing a best practice or an idea or what doesn’t work.

Podcasts are trending and they are valuable because of the guests they host. Why can’t a newsletter be the same?

If you have a burning idea to share but worry about career or stature, I will allow anonymous submissions under one of the following pen names:

  • John Arbitrage (for merchants)

  • Jane Arbitrage (for lady merchants)

  • John Furrow (for farmers)

  • Jane Furrow (for farm-hers)

I forecast the pen-name concept may provide provocative and informative content from knowledgeable folks. “Tyler Durden” is the pen-name over at ZeroHedge was recently banned from twitter on conspiracy theories about corona-virus. I am NOT asking for conspiracy theories or to get banned from twitter.

Value-creation and an idea-and-action-exchange is the goal.

Guidelines for content

  • name (can submit under pen name above)

  • job title

  • state

  • social media handles or website

  • years in the business

  • if publishing under anonymous pen name, only requirement is years in the business

  • less than 1000 words

  • must include one image or graphic

  • Positive. Positive, meaning it CANNOT be an attack on any person or company, one must propose a concept or actionable item and explain why it works or why it is a good idea.

  • must pertain to grain marketing, grain merchandising or physical grain handling

  • prefer topics on physical grain and soybean markets

  • prefer topics that marry grain marketing and fiances

  • submissions should NOT be recommendations (or received as recommendations) to buy, sell or trade grain or derivatives but should focus on process, practice and approach.

  • GMS will reserves the right publish or not publish any content. GMS will not endorse the content being published but only aims to be a platform for ideas and grain marketing concepts.

Evolving intent

Like most things I attempt, this will be an experiment and could fail miserably? If nobody submits, no worries.

What’s in it for you? The newsletter hits 380+ inboxes with over 50% open rates. Its small, but opening the content up to more creators will grow its value and reach for writers and readers.

If it becomes super valuable to readers, GMS may be able to charge a small subscription fee to then offer writers a small stipend for their time creating thus creating more valuable content. Let’s create the value first.

The Grain Marketing Stacks’ task is to be a valuable exchange of actionable ideas and concepts and continuing the original intent of stacking your grain marketing skills. I certainly do NOT have all the great ideas or action items.

New feature

Make a comment below. Check out the new feature with Substack- anybody can post a comment in the comments section. Leave me a note. Be civil.

Who will be the first guest writer?

  • reach out at or direct message me on Twitter @cullenjwilson


This is a fun side project. Creating content is a thrill. Thanks for being a good audience.



Cullen Wilson is a grain originator in Yankton, SD.  The opinions stated in this newsletter are his and not that of his employer or affiliates. You may contact him at . Follow him on twitter @cullenjwilson


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